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CD Collateral

Liverpool Sound & Vision

"A tremendously beautiful debut, an absolute credit to those that pushed Zetor In the Kailyard to the very forefront of the genre." 


RnR Magazine

"The talents of Kate Badcock and Roddy Johnston combine fruitfully on Collateral, mingling a whole range of traditional and contemporary instrumentation that gives the album such a solid base and so many persuasive moments of strong musicality that it’s impossible not to be impressed"


The Living Tradition Magazine

"a delightful project on migration"


Fatea Magazine

"All throughout the arrangements are impeccable, when you list flute, alto saxophone, piano, harmonium (Kate Badcock) along with fiddle, border pipes, guitar, saz, banjo, mandolin, bodhran, darabuka and bombarded (Roddy Johnston) the temptation to throw everything at songs must be immense. Here it never happens, there’s a wonderful space as the music is allowed to breathe. Familiar yes, staggeringly good definitely."

CD Collateral

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