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A peek behind the scenes...

They can often be found in the summer months touring the highlands of Scotland, playing to crowds of locals and tourists alike....their music frequently telling stories of people who are themselves on the move.... meet two multi-instrumentalists passionate about both the music they play and the world they live in.  


Zetor in the Kailyard is a creative collaboration that evolved from two musicians playing folk music together in the pubs of Scotland in 2012.


The Angus based folk duo features Roddy Johnston on fiddle, pipes, vocals, guitar and cahon, and Kate Badcock on flute, sax and backing vocals. The distinct Zetor in the Kailyard sound grew as they began to explore the possibilities of including music technology, primarily through the use of looping, to enhance their performance and give them a greater sound pallet to play around with.

The band was launched in 2014, and since then they have played to audiences across Scotland, in pubs, folk clubs and festivals, touring regularly in Europe and England. Their debut album, "Collateral" was recorded in the winter of 2016.


Zetor in the kailyard's  live performance takes you on a journey. The inspiration for their music comes from bringing the past into the present, singing songs from yesterday that still resonate today, whilst their live loops create colour, texture and a full sound, drawing on many different styles of music from punk to traditional, and inspired by dance music from all over the world.


At the heart of all this is the traditional music of the British Isles that they know and love…

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